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So, my son, be strong in the grace that Jesus Christ gives. Everything that you have heard me preach in public you should in turn entrust to reliable men, who will be able to pass it on to others.
2 Timothy 2:1-2 (NLT)

Yesterday I was blessed with a visit from a dear friend. Laura Bonde and I met at church. She joined one of the bible studies I was leading. At that particular study I shared my mother’s struggle with alcoholism and my bitterness against her. I also shared how God had healed my precious mom and how we had been reconciled through the love of Christ. Only Jesus could have taken the heart of stone that had turned against the woman who gave me life and made it a heart of living flesh. I spoke on fervent prayer for my own heart to love my mother regardless. I had a choice to make. I could love her where she was or continue with my hard angry heart. I chose to pray for her complete healing and mine.
One day out of the amazing blue God healed my mother. I was 52 years old when I truly began an adult relationship with her. That lasted only 4 short years as my dear mom went to be with Jesus in 2008. Laura heard those words and we bonded over them. Laura was in her own private hell of addiction. She came to that bible study to have a word spoken over her life. I never knew that until years later when she shared her testimony.  Her life changed as she found strength through another’s experiences knowing she was not alone. Telling of God’s healing mercies that day I went on to declare that it is NEVER too late for reconciliation and that God will give back all of the years the locust had eaten. Truly He did that in my own life.
I wondered aloud why people were so afraid to share what God has done in their lives? Laura certainly is not. Her testimony of deliverance from drugs, alcohol, sex and stripping is inspiring because ONLY a living God could break such deep bondage. Laura has 4 children who have seen their mother truly go through a metamorphosis. She was an ugly caterpillar creeping along on every dingy branch until one day God wrapped her in His loving arms and cocooned her until she emerged a glorious butterfly who has wings to fly for His glory!
During our visit she brought me a beautiful silk one of a kind infinity scarf to try. She made the prayerful decision to step out in faith and go in to business for herself (with God if course) making worship flags so she could be there for her kids. Things were looking bleak until the Lord brought her these scarves. They are selling like hotcakes and no wonder! The scarf was lovely, soft and very versatile. I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with it I just wanted to try it. As I put it on we both agreed this one was for me. Laura prays over each scarf. Now, don’t think I am weird but when I put it on I felt strangely at ease, at peace even. She said she specifically made it for someone else but they didn’t want it. I told her it was because it was meant for me.
Our visiting moved to the conversation we had regarding my mom. She told me that I said to her “I am so glad you are doing this (getting sober) while your children are young.” I did not recall saying that but she did as those words penetrated her heart that day. When we open up and share how God has worked in our lives it gives others hope! Please dear ones don’t be afraid to exclaim the glory of God and what He has done for you. Paul told Timothy to entrust the words he had heard Paul speak in public to others so that they could in turn teach others.
Friendships bond over experiences. People need to hear your testimony of God’s faithfulness. Write it down for your generations to read. You may not have a story like mine or like Laura’s but you have a story! People need to know there is hope and Who brings that hope. Tell it. Teach what you know. To God be the glory great things He has done. ❤

Laura’s scarves can be seen on Etsy at or on Facebook look up Laura Lee Bonde
They are $35 and worth every penny.


3 thoughts on “January 14, 2016

  1. I don't know how to start. God has worked in amazing ways in my life and still is. Yet I have a tough time sharing this. I feel like others may think it's no big deal, cause I have a partner who's constantly talking about God, belief, the bible… And I watch how the ones he sometimes talks to back away or put up their defenses…

  2. Prayer and always being in a "pray without ceasing" mode has helped me to be bold to speak to others. I don't mean walk around with your head bowed and eyes closed but be in the mode to always be ready to share. I say a silent prayer and ask God to lead my speech and the words I say. Sometimes I don't say anything! Actually, you say volumes by how you live your life authentically much more than what you actually say. I will pray for you sweet friend.

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