Retirement has its ups and downs, good days and bad just like anything. Today I went to the retirement of a a long time friend at 10:45 AM because I could! I have know her for over 20 years. She has been in her profession 43 years. Good for her. When I was invited I wasn’t sure I could go because of conflicting events then God cleared my calendar. He knew he had an appointment for me. I was clueless.

As I walked in to the room my friend was reading a story to her class. They were hanging on every word. Good preschool teachers are everywhere but this lady is a GREAT teacher! She will be sorely missed. Looking up from her book she gave me a surprised smile. She didn’t know I was coming. She finished reading and walked over for a big hug. People started arriving so I just edged my way in to the classroom as the children went to the table for snack.

A lovely blonde lady caught my attention as she arrived with flowers and a glowing smile for our mutual friend. Introductions were made and we started talking. I don’t even know how the subject was brought up but she asked my friend to pray for her husband. My friend was distracted by a child so I asked her about her husband. 

Well, the flood gates opened and right then I knew why I was there. She needed to hear from me that there was hope for her marriage and her husband’s salvation. I shared my story of how I prayed for Steve for 15 years before he came back to the Lord. We talked about how hard the waiting is, what her responsibility as a Christian is, her responsibilities as a wife, how I prayed and how my husband was doing now. She kept asking questions and pouring out her heart. I gave her my life verses for the waiting time which were I Peter 3:1-4. I still stand by those verses knowing that my husband was “won without a word”, any word that I ever said! 

She continued to ask questions and I felt such compassion for this dear sister. Women need hope. They need to know to persevere in their praying. They need to know that living a life for Christ in the   privacy of their own home is a worthy ministry. Home is where they truly live. Home is the real place of safety and comfort where you are you. My husband told me it was nothing I said that led him to seek God, it was how I lived my life that was ever so “daily”. He was watching me, I was diligently praying for him. Tenderly I suggested she give her broken heart to Jesus for safe keeping. He would heal it taking good care of her. 


We exchanged phone numbers and email addresses. As she left I prayed for her and her dear husband. Today I picked up the book “The Power Of A Praying Wife” by Stormie Ormartian once again. Turning to the page titled “His Faith” I prayed once again for my husband. Just because he is serving God does not mean I pray for him less. I pray for him more! The enemy now is on full tilt attack even more than he ever was. Covering our husbands in that blanket of prayer is of the utmost importance as they walk their lives out. It’s critical! They need the protection at every turn. 

There is always hope. Women you need to know this. There is always hope. Give your life to God, take care of your relationship with Him first. Know He loves you and cares about your cares. Live your life for Him and pray for your man. Let me know your story and I will pray too. 


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