It started with my niece Brandie texting me that she found a quarter as they moved her youngest son into his college dorm. We thanked God for our BIG trust in Him for Camden then she sent me photo after photo of pennies she found this summer. What a “pennies from heaven” moment we had! Trusting in God for all of our blessings. 

Right on the heels of that glorious exchange my daughter called me in crisis mode. Her husband had just told her they were moving AGAIN. Three moves in 3 years! She had been through a major health trauma just 4 weeks prior and was not eager to face another move 2 hours away. I talked her down off the wall and prayed for God’s direction. That evening the Lord brought to mind Proverbs 16:9 “The mind of man plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.” I texted that scripture to her post haste! God is always on time with the comfort of His word. “That is PERFECT I sooooo needed that” was her response. 

I continued reading through Proverbs 16 and verse 20 literally jumped off of the page! It says, “He who gives attention to the word shall find good, and blessed is he who trusts in the LORD.”  Has that ever happened to you? I had not even been praying specifically for “a verse” for my #ProjectPenny daily devotional book but there it was. God had given me the desire of my heart right from His word. I let so much fear and doubt get in my way I haven’t been able to even write much. It’s my own fault for not heeding my own advice; trust God. So, I meditated on that passage over night and joyfully thanked God for His insistence that I MOVE FORWARD FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE. Looking through my pictures I chose a photo of me holding a penny that I found at my nephew’s graduation party. That penny represented trusting in God for that precious young man; my niece’s youngest, spreading his wings and leaving the comfortable nest he was raised in. 

I sti here marveling at all of this God ordained direction because my son-in-law said he accepted a job in Eugene, my daughter calling me in panic mode, me stressing over her stress (which I allow to send me over the edge sometimes), coming home and praying and calling out to God in my stress, He bringing the Proverbs 16:9 verse to mind as I hashed everything out with my dear prayer partner Pam Samuels, texting my daughter the passage and then me reading on. Wow! What God uses to get me going consistently amazes me! He always has my best interest in mind. I just need to listen and move. 

Later that evening a friend called me from Nashville where she lives. She relayed her experience of that day ministering to the homeless and sharing James 1 with a precious soul. She was out of her comfort zone but God was in control. She found a penny as she she walked back to her car. I encouraged her to write about it. This morning I got up to find a text from her with a photo of the birth of a brand new penny journal! This will be a lasting legacy of faith for her and her generations written in her own handwriting. Do you have a similar experience? Please tell me about it!  I am excited to hear how God works in your life. I want to know how you are giving attention to His word, finding good and being blessed in your trust. Thank you Lord for Your involvement and always knowing what is best for us in even the smallest detail of life. ❤️

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