Project Penny started in 2004, when I read an article online about a reporter who was interviewing a wealthy businessman. As they were walking into the restaurant, the reporter noticed that the man bent down to retrieve a penny from the sidewalk. Thinking it strange, he filed it away to ask about later.

After the delicious dinner and successful interview, the reporter asked why the man had picked up that penny. The businessman had more money than he could ever spend, so why not leave it for someone in need? The man replied that he had always picked up any coin, because stamped on the coin was “In God We Trust,” and that very phrase was a reminder to trust God for whatever he was going through at that moment.

That vimg_5944.jpegery day, I found my first penny at a neighborhood convenience store. I was having an extremely challenging day as administrator of a small Christian school, and I was about to have a difficult meeting with a parent. I picked up the penny, held it close, and prayed.  Thus began a journey like no other. I went home and taped that penny into a 5″ x 7″ journal that had been waiting its turn to be put to good use.

Fast-forward twelve years, and that little spiral-bound journal has grown into a 3″ three-ring binder with page protectors, containing pages and pages of trusting God with story after story of His faithfulness.  “In God We Trust” is my anthem! I have encouraged so many people to start their own penny journals and share their stories with me. There are so many stories to tell. I would love to share my stories of trust in God with your ladies groups, MOPS, retreats, workshops, teas or special events and get them started in leaving their own legacy for their generations.  References are available.