Psalm 144:12

Let our sons in their youth be as grown up plants, and our daughters as corner pillars fashioned for a palace. (NASB)

Years ago my pastor told me that he starts his daily bible reading by reading whatever Psalm corresponds to that present day of the month. He then adds 30 and reads that Psalm, then adds 30 and reads that one and so on until he gets to the end for that day. After a month you have just about read the entire book. I enjoy this method very much. So on Monday July 24 I read Psalm 24, Psalm 54, Psalm 84, Psalm 114 and Psalm 144. As I read I ask the Holy Spirit to teach me. When I came to Psalm 144:12 my heart quickened. There was a message there.

Think about a grown plant. It has been watered, pruned, trimmed and cared for. If it has a bent, that had been straightened. If the growth is stunted some how the plant will not thrive. Here King David is saying, “let our sons in their youth be like grown up plants”. The taproot on a mature plant runs deep down into the water table where it can get nourishment. Parents have guided their boys to be reliable, strong, self sufficient, sturdy and grounded. When the winds of a storm come along that son stands firm. He is not easily uprooted and blown away. His roots are not just surface roots. A sense of responsibility has been nurtured in this young man. He is grounded because he was not left to his own devices to bring himself up. He has had guidance, discipline and support. His “gardeners” (parents) have taken the time to tend to him.

King David then says, “our daughters as corner pillars fashioned for a palace.” A corner pillar is a supportive pillar in the structure. It holds up the roof and connects two walls. That pillar is strong, solid, supportive and dependable. It is very important to the integrity of the building to keep the structure upright. The word “fashioned” means made. These daughters have been taught these things from birth. They have had these qualities modeled for them in their homes. Daughters will go on to be pillars in their own homes being supports to their husbands and children, keeping the family thriving and sound through all kinds of life circumstances.

How are you being an example to the young people in your sphere of influence? Are you modeling godliness, strength, dependability, responsibility and support to them? Are you guiding them or just letting them figure it out on their own? If you don’t guide them they will seek guidance elsewhere. Kids need boundaries and limits. They need examples to follow that will influence them to have a thriving relationship with God, a love for His word and to be good citizens. We want the next generation to be strong, dependable, securely grounded, vigorous for the Lord, supportive and steadfast. As the winds of worry and uncertainty blow they will remain securely grounded in the Lord. Make it a priority to make sure that generations coming behind us get a head start on moving in the right direction.

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