1955 was a great year! This was the year our dear friend Dan was born. Dan is an extreme introvert but somehow, through the love of working on cars, my husband Steve broke through to Dan and they became good friends. Over the years he has been such a blessing to our family. He is an A#1 Honda mechanic and owns his own shop not far from us. He is an honest mechanic, always doing quality work for reasonable fees. Many times Steve and Dan have traded work as my husband is a computer expert. Dan would need computer work done and Steve would do it. We needed car work done and Dan would reciprocate. We even bought a car from Dan, a Honda accord in excellent condition that I am still driving! Dan has been in critical condition with blood clots on his intestines. Walking in to the ICU to see him was tough. We prayed with his dear wife and prayed over Dan. It was touch and go. Monday my husband texted me that Dan was awake and alert! A miracle for sure!! At the time I was running an errand for a friend and as I looked down I saw a penny. It was dated 1955. I texted Dan’s wife to ask what year he was born, a strange question for sure. She texted back 1955! I was speechless. Actually I laughed out loud with such JOY! God is amazing! That penny was just for me as a symbol that He is listening. 

God gave me this penny ministry in 2004 and continues to bless me immensely through it. Today, as I visit them at the hospital, I will tell them of the faithfulness and sovereignty of God. #InGodwetrust #LeavingaLegacy #1955agoodyear #notenoughexclamationpoints

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